About Us

The Chemical industry constantly evolves with the times, and in order to survive, companies need to adapt, learn, unlearn and relearn to keep up with this dynamic market. Epoxilite is a product of this constant striving for change. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of products based on renewable and biodegradable Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL).
Being an Export Focus Unit, with majority if not all our finished products earmarked for markets in Korea, Europe and North America. We have Sales Offices with dedicated sales staff, situated all over the globe to effectively streamline the journey from providing the consumer with solutions and information to our products arriving at his doorstep. We at Epoxilite know the value of your time and money and for that we guarantee trust and accountability with each shipment.

How do we guarantee better quality and shelf life than others?

Production is only half the story. Good Cardanol needs good cashew. But our Cardanol needs only the best. As a commitment to quality and trust, we source our CNSL from the most sophisticated units in the country to keep impurities at a minimum. We treat the CNSL to further processing after it reaches our plant to reduce moisture content in order to attain the highest quality of Cardanol.

Why pick us over our rivals?

Epoxilite is composed of leaders in their respective fields, Paint, Chemicals, Cashew Processing, but with one goal, Quality. We invest our time and funds into research, and the latest equipment modified to suit our needs. By partnering with Epoxilite for all your Cardanol and CNSL needs, you will step into a partnership that will take care of quality, logistics and reasonable pricing.

Want to check our products first?

We at Epoxilite believe and stand by a model of long term association as we believe business is a deep commitment and it can only be fruitful if it is long lasting. And as a testament to that belief, we follow Samples-First. It is important for our clients or potential clients to be able to see and inspect the products that they would be investing their money and time and trust in, so that they can make an informed choice for their Cardanol needs. This policy stems from our unshakable belief in our superior quality and trust. Click here to open Sample Request Form

Our Products


A naturally occurring Phenol that is derived from Cashew Nut Shell Liquid. Cardanol contributes to improved flexibility, good drying after baking, high electric insulation properties and thermal stability. These properties make Cardanol an effective substitute for the petroleum-based Phenol.

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Double Distilled Cardanol

When it comes to Cardanol, less colour is in fact more. Doubling the purification process makes our already high grade Cardanol, even better. By effectively eliminating the dyhydric phenols like Cardol naturally present in Cardanol, we are able to make it lighter, less viscous and less prone to rapid oxidization.

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